4 June 2019

Took the car to work today and traffic was pretty decent. Going to take it tomorrow too. I need a break from these 5 am mornings!

The cats were hungry this morning, loudly calling out in cat speak : feed me!!! And I was doing just that, that is, until I saw the sunrise glow on the hanging basket of flowers on the veranda…cat food forgotten, search for the camera began followed by several shots!

Yellow flowers in hanging basket bathed in sunrise light
155/365 Photo of the day, 4 June 2019. ©WQuinn

Watercolour painting sunset reflections

155/365 Painting of the day, 4 June 2019. ©WQuinn

I was busy at work today and didn’t manage to get some quiet painting time. It was nice having extra time tonight to devote to it. I painted a birthday card for my Mom (her bday is tomorrow) and the painting of the day.


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