Saturday, 1 June 2019

A brand new month!!! I’ll be on holidays towards the end of the month…Toronto and Come from Away…here I come! And many firsts coming up in early June when I visit Toronto and visit Canada’s Wonderland, Ripley’s aquarium and take in a medieval event…all firsts!

Today, although overcast and cool all day, was fabulous for garden work. I planted several perennials and weeded a lot. Weeding the garden today was such a zen place and moment. A moment when time stopped racing forward and everything just was. I so enjoyed it!

It was a slow camera day but I did manage a few flower pics.

I was in a single colour mood for painting tonight.

Yellow begonias
152/365 Photo of the day, 1 June 2019, ©WQuinn
Watercolour painting monotone landscape mountains, lake, trees
152/365 Painting of the day, 1 June 2019, ©WQuinn