Sunday, 30 June 2019

Some of my blog posts were saved in drafts when I thought they had been posted. Strange!

Had a lovely day today. Started out rainy and cloudy but cleared up as the day went on. My niece spent the night… always nice having her here. We went up to the graveyard to plant some flowers at my dad’s grave. First time being there in a while. It was nice.

This evening, I sat on the veranda to paint. Having no idea what to paint, I thought about the sunset I painted last night and how I loved the colours so decided to start there. Then I noticed the Manitoba maple tree staring me down…and decided to paint it too.

Pleinair painting
Pleinair painting
Watercolor landscape painting
181/365 Painting of the day, 30 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn

After our cemetery visit, we stopped at the community mailbox to get our mail. The box is surrounded by these beautiful wildflowers.

181/365 Photo of the day, 30 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn


Thursday, 27 June 2019

Come from Away was phenomenal! I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance. Funny, poignant, emotional, roaring good tunes and kissing the cod!

Come from Away advertisement
Come from Away advertisement ©️ WQuinn
Elgin theatre interior
Elgin theatre interior ©️ WQuinn
Inside Elgin theatre
Elgin theatre interior ©️ WQuinn
Elgin theatre exterior
Elgin theatre exterior ©️ WQuinn

Oh, and the Elgin theatre…so beautiful! I adore old buildings like this one. Our usher, an Irish woman, was quite taken with mom. Said she looked just like her nan. Was a very special moment.

I had a comment from my brother about yesterday’s painting. He felt a boat was missing. So I decided to paint it again, this time adding a sailboat.

Watercolor painting sky and Lake Ontario with sailboat
178/365 Painting of the day, 27 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn

I used a different paint set for this one and find the colours are closer to those of the photo.

I really like this travel set I bought from Deserres. So many colours to choose from and it folds up so compact. There’s a water brush included which I’ve used only once so far. Will come in handy when I don’t have water and brushes with me but I prefer actual brushes, and different sizes and shapes.

Travel paint set
Deserres travel paint set ©️WQuinn
lobby of hotel, wood panel ceiling, table lamps, centerpiece,
178 of 365 Lobby of the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto. ©WQuinn 2019


Saturday, 29 June 2019

It was a hot one today, at least until the thunder storm passed through and the temperature dropped and the humidity disappeared! Phew. That humidity is tough to work in.

The sky wàs incredible today as the storm approached and then afterwards.

Tonight’s photo and painting is from tonight’s sunset.

Watercolour painting landscape sunset
180/365 Painting of the day, 29 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn
180/365 Photo of the day, 29 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn


Friday, 28 June 2019

Had a quiet day today. Fed the birds, washed feeders. Then the rain and thunder storm came so flopped on my bed with a book and before I knew it, I was peacefully snoring! I love vacation!

Thought I’d give acrylics a go for today’s painting. It’s been at least a year, maybe even two since I last painted with acrylics. I’ve been using watercolours daily since January. Had a go with oils for 8 or 9 classes. But acrylics have been my medium since I started painting when I was eight or so years old.

I worked on a 5″X5″ canvas. Maybe a little small to start. I found it challenging and forgot, or lost, my technique! Didn’t see that coming. Not to mention working on canvas after painting 178 paintings on watercolour paper…it’s different.

Acrylic painting of sunset
179/365 Painting of the day, 28 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn

I wanted to capture my favourite summer night sky. Right around the solstice, the sky looks similar to this about 9-9:30 pm.

Side view of acrylic sunset painting
Side view
Side view of sunset acrylic painting
Another side view

I started a painting for someone special. It’s on 16″x20″ canvas. I painted the background tonight – after the painting of the day – and am thrilled that it’s all coming back to me! Practice!

Tonight’s photo of the day is the stormy sky over my backyard.

Stormy sky landscape
179/365 Photo of the day, 28 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn