18 May 2019

A beautiful day! Sunny breaks with some warmth.

Lots of activity around the bird feeders today. I was enjoying a tea on the veranda when I saw a very large bird coming straight at me. I ducked even though he was flying over the house! He was too fast for me to get his picture, but he came around again and this time I was prepared.

Turkey vulture in flight
138/365 Photo of the day, 18 May 2019, ©WQuinn

A few hours later a similar experience with a red-winged black bird. I with I had captured the moment with my camera. He was coming straight towards me. All I could notice was how cool the red spots on his wings looked.

We had so many birds all day at the feeder and flying around the backyard. So much singsong and calling. It was beautiful!

The red breasted grosbeak made an appearance again…this time I got his picture!…as did a Baltimore oriole. Haven’t seen one since 2017 so it was a real treat!

Red breasted grosbeak
Red breasted grosbeak ©WQuinn
Baltimore oriole
Baltimore oriole ©WQuinn

Pretty interesting cloud patterns too Cloud patterns

Cloud patterns

And the painting of the day:

Watercolour painting of orange poppies
138/365 Painting of the day, 18 May 2019, ©WQuinn

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