16 May 2019

It was a cloudy and cool day but what we lacked in sunlight and warmth, we gained in visitors to our backyard.

Two ducks, a handful of wild turkeys, rose-breasted grosbeak, Mr and Mrs Cardinal, three black squirrels, one red squirrel, a hummingbird, plus lots of sparrows, golden finch, and chickadees. Not to mention the red-winged blackbirds and robins!

A female red-winged blackbird managed to get herself stuck in our chimney this morning…the second time this season. It’s always fun (not really) rescuing them from the stove pipe, having them fly around the basement until they notice the light shining from the opened door.

Now, with all that activity at the feeders and in the backyard, somehow I manged to miss it all! Thanks to my Mom for noticing everything (I guess I was preoccupied with work) but by the time I showed up, camera in hand, the party was over! 😉

I did managed to get a shot of blue sky. I was beginning to wonder if it even existed anymore, or perhaps it became a fable? “…Blue sky? Oh yes, I remember in my youth we had a sky of blue, so pretty. Been years since I’ve seen it though…”

photo of blue sky with white ridged (washboard) clouds and a large crooked pine tree.
136/365 Photo of the day, 16 May 2019, ©WQuinn
watercolour painting of sunset, reflected in water, with two brown bare trees in the foreground.
136/365 Painting of the day, 16 May 2019, ©WQuinn

Tonight was my oil painting class. I’m progressing…still a challenge. I feel confined. Much prefer the freedom to just paint whatever comes to me. But I know this is a good exercise so am keeping a positive frame of mind and will keep at it!

oil painting in progress: white canvas with red cherries painted.
Oil painting in progress – Week 5 ©WQuinn
photo of oil painting of cherries in progress on easel with reference photograph above the painting.
Oil painting in progress – Week 5 ©WQuinn

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