14 May 2019

Happy to be home. Even happier Dukes is feeling better and back to his old self. He took no time letting me know I had enough computer time and it was now Dukes’ time.

Little did he know he would get that “special” time a little while later at the vets.

It was his first time there – since I’ve had him and I don’t know if he’s been before that…with the exception of being neutered. So with no history to go on, and because of his weight, a lot of tests were ordered, including xrays. Happy dance happy that everything came back normal! Phew. They shaved his bum so air could get to it as he has a minor irritation. And the stiffness/soreness they think he might have tried to jump on something and missed, falling and hurting himself. He was sore for almost a week. Hiding and not wanting to be touched. And the smell. God awful smell. They chalk it up to secretion from his anal glands…with the thick fur and he can’t clean himself there… this is the second time it’s happened and it goes away in a few days. I wash his bum regularly but this is different. We’ll see how he gets on now. We’re trying new food that is lower in calories and he’ll be weighed-in once a month…fingers crossed it works this time!

Unfortunately, his absence and return has upset his sister. She’s having a tough time adjusting, hissing almost hysterically. I haven’t seen her like this before. They’ve been separated most of the day. Now, one is in my bedroom closet while the other ones asleep on my bed. Hoping they figure it out sooner than later.

That’s a lot about my cats! Let’s talk creativity project. I had no idea what to paint tonight then saw this in my mind’s eye:

Watercolour painting flowers

🌻134/365 🖼 of the day, 14 May 2019 ©WQuinn

Practiced handwriting with a paint brush.

Dark clouds moved in for a good part of the afternoon. This sight often reminds me that, behind every dark cloud is a bright blue sky and sunshine!


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