13 May 2019

Montreal is a beautiful city. Much different vibe than Toronto. Quieter, I suppose. Maybe more artsy… not sure. I just notice it’s got a different vibe.

I found it challenging to fall asleep last night because the city lights were so beautiful and mesmerizing I wanted to sit up and watch them.

Heavy eyelids must have won because I woke up to the sun rising on the city.

Montreal cityscape at sunrise
133/365 Photo of the day 13 May 2019 ©WQuinn

My day was spent indoors at the lovely BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque attending the Taking it to the people 2019 Summit on the Value of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs). I learned so much about GLAMs and the challenges they face.

I signed up for a lunch-time tour of the building…so glad I did! Architecturally speaking, this place is a real gem.

And then it was over and I was navigating the subway again! Happy to say I made it to the train station with time to spare. We were delayed leaving which gave me time to paint a little painting.

133/365 Painting of the day 13 May 2019 ©WQuinn

We’ve picked up speed and I’m looking forward to getting home!