12 May 2019. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I’m writing this from Montreal tonight, enjoying a quiet night and relaxing time watching the sunset and the city come to life.

Rainbow colours on Catherine St…pretty awesome. Did you know that rainbow colours also represent the colours of the chakras? Now you do. 😉

I will be attending the GLAMs (galleries, libraries , archives and museums) summit tomorrow at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). I’ve been wanting to visit the BAnQ here for some time. I have a genealogy brick wall I believe they can help me with. I visited the Gatineau branch and was told I needed to contact Montreal. So…two birds. (Don’t make me say it, it’s a horrible saying)

I popped in, asked for help at the info desk then made my way to the genealogy area. A nice man tried to help but was stumped so called his colleague to help. A-M was more than helpful, teaching me search tricks, navigation tips, and gave me an overview of the digital collection, especially how to use it.

She was intrigued with my ancestor and, in my opinion, went above and beyond to help. She was able to find newspaper articles that shed light on my ancestor and that provided further details that allow me to dig deeper! I’ll write a separate blog post about the discovery.

I was inspired by my view of the skyline that I painted it. Not happy with the outcome, I also painted a sunflower!

And in thanksgiving to the BAnQ

I’m getting ready for GOT!

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!


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