8 May 2019 – Another sunny day albeit cooler.

Archie…huh…enough said.

Eureka for park and ride this morning! A smooth ride into work taking only 24 mins. Not a fan of the early departure time but it’s certainly better than an hour and half sitting in traffic.

I painted a cute sunflower and Black-eyed Susans during my lunch break today.

Watercolour painting sunflower and Black-eyed Susans

128/365 Painting of the day 8 May 2019 ©WQuinn

Photo of…almost of the day

I had time on my hands while I waited at the park and ride for my Mom’s bus…which should have been 15 mins after mine but à grace de la circulation sur le Pont Portage she was an hour later. I took advantage of this time to catch up on some emails, reading newsletters and to write this blog. I wasn’t feeling very inspired, glanced around the parking lot…not much to photograph, especially with an iPhone. So I took a picture of the bus shelter.

Photo of bus shelter
Almost photo of the day

I was just writing the photo caption when I noticed Mom walking towards me. I didn’t have time to upload the post.


After dinner, I toured my laneway with my new bike, practicing my turns – it’s amazing how quickly it all comes back! – watching the sky. Interesting clouds had formed and took on unusual colours as the sun began its descent. My photographer eye kept an eye on what was going on, waiting for the moment to grab my camera to capture it. Sun dogs appeared. Two of them. One on each side of the setting sun.

I put my bike away, grabbed my camera and got to work. As I was snapping away, the geese appeared. A nightly ritual. At least a hundred, maybe two, come in every night at sunset and leave at sunrise.

Geese flying at sunset in front of setting sun
128/365 Photo of the day 8 May 2019 ©WQuinn

Leave it to Mother Nature to come through for me…to inspire me…to get a beautiful picture of the day!



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