6 May 2019 – another amazing sunny and warm day!

I had an appointment in the city today…took me an hour and a half to get there! Traffic was very slow due to the flooding. Even though the water has begun to recede, it’s still very high. I’ve learned my lesson and will be taking the bus to work tomorrow.

Before the flood, I was pretty adamant I wouldn’t be taking the bus any time soon. It’s inconvenient. Out of the way. Takes more time than driving.

All true.

I live in the country. To take the bus I need to drive 20 minutes to the park and ride (and make sure I get there before 7 am or there’s no parking available!) On a good traffic day I can be in the office in 20 minutes!

But I must admit, once at the park and ride, it’s quick, convenient and doable. Did I mention the buses have free wifi?

This evening I sat on my rocking chair on the veranda and watched and listened to the birds and turkeys, taking pictures of anything that caught my fancy. Dark blue clouds rolled in, making it feel more like July. This tree caught my eye.

Photo of dead tree against dark blue sky
126/365 Photo of the day 6 May 2019 ©WQuinn

We had our first hummingbird today! I put the food out a couple of weeks ago in anticipation. Then I had a dream last night they had arrived and voila!

Watercolour painting landscape geese flying against dark blue sky
126/365 Painting of the day 6 May 2019 ©WQuinn

Tonight’s painting was inspired by the geese coming in tonight against the dark blue sky. Such an incredible sight.

As taken as I am with the dark blue cloud cover, I was disappointed we wouldn’t have a sunset. Then I looked up and saw this!

Small opening in the clouds reveals pink sunsetClose up of Small opening in the clouds reveals pink sunset

A tiny opening in the cloud cover!


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