Thursday, 30 May 2019

150 days of painting and photography. Wowzers!

Today was one of those days I imagine when I think of living in the country (more country than where I am now 😉). Perfect mix of sunshine and warmth. Birds chirping, squirrels chattering, sheets flapping on the line.

Bed linen on clothes line

I was working at the kitchen table with the door open, enjoying the warmth and the robin singing. I took advantage of a sunny windy day by hanging my freshly laundered bed clothes on the line. They were dry in no time at all.

I wasn’t sure what to paint today. Looked at the blank page for a few minutes then saw a green vine. This grew from that image:

Watercolour painting vine with red flowers
150/365 Painting of the day, 30 May 2019, ©WQuinn

Tonight’s photo came about as I was heading out the door to painting class. I saw a tractor in the field, I’m presuming sowing?

Tractor sowing field
150/365 Photo of the day, 30 May 2019, ©WQuinn

Tonight was week six of my oil painting class. It’s coming along but I’m still not loving the medium or the process. A friend said I was learning to be disciplined. I realized I don’t want to be disciplined…I prefer to be a free spirit 😉

Oil painting of cherries
Oil painting class. Week 6/10 ©WQuinn

As I’m writing this, the rain in gently falling, peepers and tree toads can be heard (when there’s a break in traffic, that is). I just love a rainy night!


Wednesday 29 May 2019

Carpooled with Mom today! Boy, was it nice sleeping in an extra hour. Traffic was great too…at least for me. 29 minutes from home to my desk at work. Unfortunately for Mom, it was an additional 30 mins for her to get to work. And the traffic tonight? Well it was 6 pm before they picked me up. They left work at 4:15 pm. So glad I’m teleworking the rest of the week!

I really missed the birds the last two days!

I spent a little time outside tonight, taking pics and enjoying the sunset.

Red tulips
149/365 Photo of the day, 29 May 2019, ©WQuinn
Tonight’s sunset ©WQuinn

I found out today that my boss is leaving us at the end of the week. Wanting to express my sadness at his departure, I painted him a sunflower and added a note. I so enjoy painting sunflowers, I painted another one for painting of the day.

Watercolour painting sunflower
149/365 Painting of the day, 29 May 2019, ©WQuinn

Tomorrow will be a grand day!


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

What a funny day I had today. It was one of those days where one little thing after another happens, accumulating into a very strange day.

Breakfast finished; I was heading to my bedroom to get dressed when I noticed cat vomit on the carpet. A lot of it. Sighing, I turned back to the kitchen to get a cloth to clean it up. Done, I remembered I hadn’t cleaned out the cat litter. Down stairs to do that, I hear a scratching noise in the chimney. A bird must be stuck. Sigh. I clean the cats’ litter boxes, run up the stairs to open the door for the bird to fly out, back downstairs to remove the stove pipe and wait. The bird isn’t coming out. Alright then. Back upstairs, I leave the door open while I head to my bedroom to get dressed. Just outside of my bedroom, more cat vomit. Sigh. Back to the kitchen to get a rag, back to my room to clean up the vomit. Back to the kitchen to dispose of it. Let the cats in. They went out the open door, come around to the closed door and wait to be let in. Silly cats! Dressed, back downstairs. Can’t tell if the bird is out. Too late. I’m running late now. Grab my stuff, head out the open door and off to the park and ride.

I won’t go on with what happened the rest of the morning, suffice to say I was 30 minutes late.

For today’s painting, I thought I’d have another go at painting pansies. I bought a few viola plants Monday and took pics of them with my phone. Using the photo for a guide I went to work and am really really pleased with the result!

Watercolour painting of three pansies
148/365 Painting of the day, 28 May 2019, ©WQuinn

This morning’s sky was a great reminder to bring my rain jacket with me. I’m glad i did because it started raining moments after I left the house!

Pink sky
148/365 Photo of the day, 28 May 2019, ©WQuinn


Monday, 27 May 2019

What a party it was! So nice to spend an evening with Ben’s family and dear loved ones.

The dinner was incredibly delicious, entertainment was great, venue was perfect. And the wine tasted like more and more which would explain the mild headache this morning.

I was up early and got a head start on my painting. Unfortunately I wasn’t too keen with it so put it away, thinking I’d do a new one this evening or try to fix it up a little.

I went with a fix up. Not my best but it’ll do.

Watercolour painting flowers
147/365 Painting of the day, 27 May 2019, ©WQuinn

I was quite taken with the old hotel and snapped a few photos. This one is my fav:

Mirror and antique dresser
147/365 Photo of the day, 27 May 2019, ©WQuinn