Thursday, 30 May 2019 150 days of painting and photography. Wowzers! Today was one of those days I imagine when I think of living in the country (more country than where I am now 😉). Perfect mix of sunshine and warmth. Birds chirping, squirrels chattering, sheets flapping on the line. I was working at the … Continue reading 365…150



Wednesday 29 May 2019 Carpooled with Mom today! Boy, was it nice sleeping in an extra hour. Traffic was great too...at least for me. 29 minutes from home to my desk at work. Unfortunately for Mom, it was an additional 30 mins for her to get to work. And the traffic tonight? Well it was … Continue reading 365…149


Tuesday, 28 May 2019 What a funny day I had today. It was one of those days where one little thing after another happens, accumulating into a very strange day. Breakfast finished; I was heading to my bedroom to get dressed when I noticed cat vomit on the carpet. A lot of it. Sighing, I … Continue reading 365…148


Monday, 27 May 2019 What a party it was! So nice to spend an evening with Ben's family and dear loved ones. The dinner was incredibly delicious, entertainment was great, venue was perfect. And the wine tasted like more and more which would explain the mild headache this morning. I was up early and got … Continue reading 365…147