26 April 2019 A rainy day made better with a cuddle and a Tim's run. The peepers started last night. Concrete signs of spring...it's a ritual...arrival of the spring and summer birds like the red-winged blackbirds and robins, the peepers, the geese, green grass, crocuses and tulips, then the black flys and mosquitoes! I've run … Continue reading 365…116



25 April 2019 Patience is a virtue... Good things come to those who wait... Are we there yet? I'm trying to be positive and patient but I'm soooo ready for spring! I'd like to buy a large fan, aim it at the sky and blow the clouds ⛅️ away...or maybe get an airplane so I … Continue reading 365…115


Had a great day at work today. Although the commute was a long one thanks to a rainy morning. On the way home tonight, the clouds were simply magnificent! I was wishing for my camera but my iPhone was a good stand-in! We came home through Gatineau-Pointe and saw some of the flooding near the … Continue reading 365…114