12 April 2019

Quiet day today ended with rain.

Sad to see Vittoria Trattoria, in the Byward Market, burn today. It was a fabulous reataurant in a beautiful building.

Today’s painting was a struggle. I was tired when I started it, and not in a paintint or creative mood. I painted the sky and water and left it. I considered leaving it as it was…a kind of abstract but asked my mom what she thought of it. Note to self: don’t ask if you don’t want to really know! Something is missing, she said. So I added some land. Not enough. More is needed. So I darkened the land, added shadows then grass, a sandy area for a beach and then my trademark trio of birds. That’s better! She said! Phew!

In all seriousness though, I’m grateful for the push because, in a years time, looking back, I would be disappointed with my lackadaisical attitude. Some days I forget why I’m doing this and it’s more like a chore…

Watercolour sunset or sunrise beach
102/365 Painting of the day 12 April 2019 copyright WQuinn

Today’s photo is a bit abstract:

Tree reflecting in a puddle
102/365 Photo of the day 12 April 2019 copyright WQuinn

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