Today was a day that artists dream about. I’ll come to that later. But first, I woke up to this pretty scene this morning:

Landscape snowy scene of snow covered evergreens reflecting in a partial open river

If you look closely you can see the evergreens reflecting in the river.

The sun eventually poked its way through the white sky and melted all the new snow along with some of the older stuff. What a day!

Then this cutie showed up:

Red squirrel in tree
096/365 Photo of the day 6 April 2019 ©WQuinn

So back to the type of day artists dream of. Early this morning, just after waking up, I had the thought 💭 you should start your morning pages again. Sure, why not. I made a small pot of tea, raided the printer paper tray for three pieces of paper then sat down to write. I started with the date and then poof…the flow began. Words poured out onto the page. First one, then two then three and four pages. If I got up to get more paper I knew the flow would stop. My soap recipe book was nearby. I pulled a blank page out. Filled it. Pulled another and another until I finished the scene.

Phew! I made breakfast, took some pictures, coloured my hair, filled pots with soil to plant seeds then was hit with an urgency to write. A new story, related to the first. Another chapter perhaps? This time I grabbed my laptop, a glass of water and hid in my room typing up a storm. I filled eleven pages before I felt I could step away. Twenty pages in all! Wowzers!

It felt amazing to be in the flow!

Then I painted this perspective of a sunflower 🌻, one of my favourite flowers:

Watercolour painting sunflower
096/365 Painting of the day 6 April 2019 ©WQuinn

Interested to see what tomorrow brings.


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