Do you ever have one of those days? I’ve been having a lot of them recently. Thinking it’s time to put an end to them and take back the reigns.

My micro mission is coming to an end. I didn’t get a level b in French oral and I’m out of time. No extension granted. Looking like my position will be reclassified to English essential which means the stress of learning French and obtaining that level B – for the last 2 years – is gone. No pressure to learn the language. I can go at my own pace and do it because I want to. Big breath in. Big breath out šŸ˜… phew.

My #tbt photo is from five years ago when I took an equine first aid class. I look so happy!

Wand and horse

It was sunny most of the day but ohhhh so windy and cold!

While making supper I had the patio door open to hear the birds. A call I haven’t heard before sounded. It was like a whistle. Turns out to be two starlings. Cool!


094/365 Photo of the day, 4 Apr 2019
Watercolour painting landscape mountain
094/365 Painting of the day, 4 Apr 2019

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