I was up in time to catch the sunrise this morning. So grateful because it was AMAZING! And didn’t last very long as it slipped behind a large cloud covering. The rest of the day was under white skies. The river opened up in front of us. I believe it’s been open up in the narrows for a week or so…always takes longer here. Nice to see the geese swimming to and fro and the beavers are making a new home across the way. Now I know where the term…busy beavers…comes from. I’ve been watching them for days now and boy, do they ever work a lot.

092/365 Photo of the day
2 April 2019 ©WQuinn
This morning’s sun rise was spectacular!

The painting of the day is based on a photo I saw, taken by my brother of a sunset at his cottage on the Ottawa river. The photo is stunning. The painting is the best replica I can do with watercolours…at least at this time. Maybe after more experience, I can try it again.

watercolour painting of Ottawa river sunset
092/365 Painting of the day
2 April 2019 ©WQuinn
photo of ottawa river sunset
Inspiration for today’s painting ©GQuinn

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