Had a great day at work today. Although the commute was a long one thanks to a rainy morning. On the way home tonight, the clouds were simply magnificent! I was wishing for my camera but my iPhone was a good stand-in! We came home through Gatineau-Pointe and saw some of the flooding near the … Continue reading 365…114



23 April 2019 A beautiful day even if the sun was hiding most of the day. And now a rainy night. I really do love a rainy night! After work - I worked from home today - I had a nap. At some point I was thinking about what I would paint tonight. Then I … Continue reading 365…113


Oh yeah! The weather was incredible today...sunshine and warm! I had a doctor's appointment in town today so didn't get to spend a lot of time outside. I would have liked to have had the day to work around the yard...it'll come though. After my appointment I went to see Captain Marvel one more time. … Continue reading 365…112


Happy Easter! 21 April 2019 Woke up this morning to lots of fog. It was so beautiful! Missed my opportunity to get pics though as it didn't stick around for long. Celebrated Easter with my family with a scrumptious turkey dinner! Yum! And managed to find time to fit in a painting. I wasn't sure … Continue reading 365…111