Seventy-four days! Wowzers!

It was a cloudy one today. Lots of melting going on…so much so it looked like it was raining all day, but the rain didn’t start until this evening. After work, I put my new yellow raincoat on, applied duct tape to my rubber boots and off I went to create trenches in our icy lane way. It’s a yearly task that I actually enjoy. Making small trenches in the ice to allow the puddles of water a place to drain…a little more challenging with six feet of snow and ice.

I’m still working on the picture of the day. I took a bunch of shots while I was out digging my small trenches but I’m having difficulties getting the images to display and copied over to my laptop. I think there might be a problem with the camera card. Fingers crossed I can get all the images backed up!

Tonight’s painting came together nicely. I don’t know where it came from…well, ya, I do…intuition. Listening to and following the ideas that came to me… a little brown here, a little green here, a little blue here…a tree here… Never ceases to amaze me!

watercolour landscape of a pink sky, small river or stream with highlights from the sky, small bushes.
074/365 Painting of the day
15 March 2019 ©WQuinn
074/365 Photo of the day
15 March 2019 ©WQuinn