Sunny ☀️ day!

Took in the new Marvel movie tonight- Captain Marvel. Had fun spending time with my family.

Photo movie screen
066/365 Photo of the day 7 Mar 2019

I almost forgot to paint my painting of the day. I planned on painting during my lunch break but got sidetracked. It was only when I was at my family’s before the movie that it hit me…my painting! I ran out to the car to retrieve my travel painting set and got to work.

Watercolour painting of sunset and trees
066/365 Painting of the day 7 March 2019

I wasn’t pleased with it but kept at it, adding more colour and details until I stood back for an overall look and was happy! Isn’t it funny how we need to step back – in this case a painting – to see the bigger picture and appreciate where we are?


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