What a fun day, especially weather wise!

Here is a sampling of the ever changing sky today. The first photo was taken at 7 am, the next an hour later, the third around 10 and the last one at noon. The first one is my favourite and what really captured my eye, in terms of colour. I love the steely blue sky and how the colour of the trees just pop. That’s the rising sun shining on them. So amazing! I’m going to attempt to paint it.

Today’s painting is based off a photo I took of the frozen Mississippi river in Almonte, ON last month:

landscape watercolour painting of frozen river with trees around the shoreline.
062/365 Painting of the day
Frozen Mississippi River, Almonte, ON
03 Mar 2019 ©WQuinn
photograph of frozen Mississippi river in Almonte, ON
Frozen Mississippi River, Almonte, ON
23 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I am quite taken with the wild turkeys, especially this time of year when they’re strutting around, feathers puffed out! The colours of their feathers, and their faces, they are such beautiful creatures, so, yes…another turkey shot!

photo of a wild turkey with feathers puffed out
062/365 Photo of the day
Wild turkeys
03 Mar 2019 ©WQuinn