It’s the first of March and it feels hopeful. As I write this, through the living room window, the sun is painting the sky orange and red. The Eardly escarpment, the hills and trees are silhouetted against the colourful backdrop with a glassy white crusty snow before it. Quite the site.

I’m torn between grabbing my camera – which happens to be right next to me – or my paints. Watercolour paints won’t do it justice. Neither will the camera…

I took today off sick again. Although I’m beginning to feel better, I just didn’t have it in me to spend a day in front of a computer trying to be creative. This bug is something though. I’m not as dizzy…a little lightheaded, especially if I turn too quickly or tip my head to the side. But my appetite is way off. Just thinking about food makes me nauseous. Fingers crossed it will be over soon.

I went for a walk around the yard while the sun was shining brightly. I walked along the snowshoe and turkey tracks, which are surprisingly strong. There’s ice or crusty snow all around us making it treacherous walking pretty much anywhere. I had those ice picky things on – you know the ones you attach to the bottom of your boots – and my poles and walked slowly and carefully, taking my time, soaking up the sun – which was so warm and beautiful. It really lifted my spirits.

Painting of the day: I’m not sure how this came to be as it’s not what I set out to create but I’m happy with it nonetheless.

watercolour painting landscape blue sky, purple mountains in distance with bush and trees in forefront reflected in water.
060/365 Painting of the day
1 Mar 2019 ©WQuinn

landscape photo of country scene of an icy crusty slope towards a frozen river, trees all around.
060/365 Photo of the day
Crusty/Icy backyard. How much fun would it be to slide down that hill on a crazy carpet?
1 Mar 2019 ©WQuinn

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