Wow! What a day.

Let me first start off with the sky update: there was no sun shining bright, only grey skies for my entire drive into Almonte this morning. Good news is it came out not long after and spent most of the day shining bright. So grateful it was still sunny when I left Mill Street Books at 5 pm…I was able to get a few dozen shots!

So my day was a full one! I met twenty beautiful souls today and have been touched by their journeys. We are more alike than we are different and it takes a day like today to remind me of that.

Lately I have been hearing people say how negative and scary our world is. There is a lot of focus on what divides us as a nation, as a world. Or so we are led to believe. For some reason, people are quick to jump on the negative bandwagon. The media sensationalizes stories that don’t need to be. They use words like terror, catastrophic, horrific instead of reporting facts and allowing us to decide for ourselves.

But I see positive and good stories each and every day. Stories that make me feel good. I see and hear how similar we are as a nation, how compassionate we are as a world. We all want to love and be loved. To be heard and to speak our truth and know that no matter how small, we made a difference. This is our reality. This is happening right now, alongside the negative stuff going on. Love and light, good and beautiful people are making a difference every moment and I had the chance today to be apart of helping people recognize their gifts and contributions to our world, reminding them they matter! Thank you Archangel Michael for the opportunity!

Now, twenty readings in one day is a lot of energy and I’m pooped. So much so I almost skipped tonight’s painting of the day. Thanks to my mom for encouraging me to do it!

Watercolour painting landscape

054/365 Painting of the day 23 Feb 2019

The photo of the day was taken in picturesque Almonte! I had lots to choose from but decided on this one with the birds. Enjoy!

Photo of sunset and flock of birds
054/365 Photo of the day 23 Feb 2019

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