It’s a cloudy one today.

I took a few extra moments this morning, finishing my cereal and sipping my tea while watching day break. Such a peaceful and beautiful moment. I highly recommend it!

On the drive into work the sun made its way over the horizon, a blast of bright light exploding onto the once darkened landscape, unapologetically announcing I AM HERE! Soon to disappear behind a wall of greyish white.

It’s very cold -25 C. I opted to stay inside for lunch, walking the halls for exercise. I also took time to paint a painting!

Watercolour painting of landscape of mountains and trees

051/365 Painting of the day 20 Feb 2019

On my way home, I was mesmerized by the colour of the sky, along with the white of the snow and the yellowish shrubs alongside a bare tree. Tonight’s photo of the day!

Landscape photo of bluish sky, white snow and trees.
051/365 Photo of the day 20 Feb 2019