The day started off overcast but by noon the sun was shining bright!

I was teleworking today and took advantage of having large patio doors in the kitchen, taking pictures of the birds and squirrels…and the turkeys!

After supper, I went for a snowshoe around the yard, camera around my neck, taking photos of the snow, the moon, the sunset and blue hour. A fabulous 40 minutes flew by, red rosy cheeks and cold toes all that remained!

It was tough choosing a photo of the day but my love of animals seems to win out more and more over my love of nature and sunsets.

close up photo of a wild turkey
049/365 Photo of the day
Wild Turkey. 18 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

Look at that face! So cute. And it looks like he/she is wearing a bonnet with two pompoms in front!

The other two contenders for tonight’s photo were a sunset and blue hour landscape.

Inspired by blue hour, I decided to paint an image using only one colour…blue!

watercolour landscape monotone blue
049/365 Painting of the day
Blue Hour. 18 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn