What I was reminded of today is to always listen to that inner knowing voice.

I know that yet I continue to make excuses or drown it out.

Thankfully today’s ignorance didn’t amount to anything. More of a “I wish I had…”. But it’s a timely reminder that It pays to listen.

I was running a little late this morning. Running around looking for things. I kept having the feeling I should pack my paints or at least a sketch book. I chose not to so I could get out the door quicker.

My carpool buddies were stuck in the parking garage for an hour. Traffic was backed up on the street…the cars exiting the garage were slow to merge. Thankful I had a warm safe spot to wait. I continued to worked until the lights were turned off around 6 pm. Didn’t get home until 7!

Had I brought my paints I could have been busy creating art – and my painting of the day – freeing up an evening. Oh well!

Watercolour Painting blue pink sky with mountains and trees
045/365 Painting of the day. 14 Feb 2019

Photo of dark office space

045/365 Photo of the day 14 Feb 2018

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