Damp cold with an east wind…brrrr! The snow began here at 4 pm.

In preparation, I shovelled the front porch – which I’ve ignored so far. Not so much to accommodate the new snow but more so I could easily reach the windows to wash them.

I know, right eh? Who washes windows in -19 degrees Celsius? The question should be “how do you wash windows in -19 degrees C”?

This is me washing the window. Thanks to my Mom for the photo!

Well, I do and with great difficulty. I used vinegar and water with a squeegee. The water quickly turned to slush…it wasn’t pretty. But I got it done. The reason I wanted clean windows for the snow storm is to capture photos of all the birds who will be visiting the feeders during the snowstorm. If you have a bird feeder you know what I’m taking about…bird population triples during a storm.

Photo of the day

While retrieving the garbage and food bins from the end of the laneway, I noticed how dirty the snow had gotten from the sand/salt mixture laid down during the week. The plow went by, pushing the snowbanks back in anticipation for tonight’s accumulation. It caught my eye.

043/365 Photo of the day

Painting of the day

Tonight’s painting came to me last night as I happened to look out my bedroom window and saw the moon setting, moonlight reflecting on the crusty snow in the field.

I almost gave in by switching to acrylic paints, knowing I could capture my vision easier and better with them but I held out and worked at the watercolour as long as I could. I’m happy with it. I must say though, it’s quite a challenge ignoring the perfectionist in me!

043/365 Painting of the day 12 Feb 2019

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