Another sunny day with a bright blue sky! Woke up with a migraine headache which stuck around for most of the day…so it was a quiet day of not doing much.

I washed and replenished the bird feeders from the front yard. Then went for a walk around the yard. So grateful to the wild turkeys for the paths they’ve made around the property. I was able to walk around without snowshoes. I stepped off the trail once and sank to almost my knee! If I didn’t have a migraine I would have been out there snowshoeing, making more trails and extending theirs to the river…maybe tomorrow 😉

photograph of trail made by wild turkeys
041/365 Photo of the day
Turkey trails
10 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I spent some time on Susan Scheewe’s website and FB page looking for inspiration from her artwork. It’s so lovely! I ordered a few books from her website and am looking forward to painting some of her paintings.

For tonight’s painting, I got the inspiration – funny enough – from the shower curtain in my bathroom! It’s a beach/ocean theme and one of the images has a sketch of a boat on the beach,

watercolour painting of a beach, sea, land, and a boat on the beach.
041/365 Painting of the day
10 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I had a bit of a fall this afternoon…was helping my Mom carry things in to the house from her car. I carried a load downstairs, soon as my wet rubber boots hit the cement floor, my feet went flying and I landed hard on my butt! I feel jarred but thankfully am A-OK!



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