Have you ever had one of those days where things just seem to go your way?

Take my photo of the day, for instance. I was walking by the patio door and happened to notice a downy woodpecker on the veranda, eating the suet. I turned to get my camera but, just as I was zooming in, he flew away. BUT, he flew right back and landed closer and I was able to get a shot of him looking at the camera, which is pretty cool!

downy woodpecker on a branch looking at the camera
038/365 Photo of the day
Downy woodpecker
07 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

It was a freezing drizzle kind of day, so I opted to stay home and telework (so blessed I can do this). I finished my day at 3:30 pm and thought it would be a good time to paint. Mom was also teleworking today and wasn’t finished her day, so I joined her at the kitchen table, she on one side typing away and I on the other side painting away.

My inspiration for tonight’s painting came shortly after finishing work. I happened to walk by the living room window and noticed the colours – which often happens…it’s the colours I notice, not the scene before me but the colours…and I just have to record them in some way. It used to be via a camera, but these days it seems to be with paint. There wasn’t a place for me to set up in front of the window, like I did for my painting of parliament hill, so I took a picture, then opened the photo on my laptop, using it as a guide.

landscape photo of trees and a field of snow is displayed on a laptop screen with a watercolour painting of the photo.
Inspiration for tonight’s painting of the day
07 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

This painting came so easily and I enjoyed painting it so much. It’s one of my favourites and just might make it to the calendar for February.

watercolour painting of a landscape trees and a field of snow
038/365 Painting of the day
07 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

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