It’s funny. I’m sitting here staring at a white page. A blank white page. Wondering what to write. Trying a couple of sentences here and there but nothing is right. Of the three creative projects I was to complete today, this is the toughest. Rarely am I without a word to say. Yet, for some reason, tonight I am blank. No inspiration.

I say that but have just completed a paragraph. Plus a sentence. So, I’m not as blank as I thought I was. Just writing in circles. Some days I feel like I’m running in circles. This merry-go-round of life, goes around and around and around and some days, I’d prefer to jump off and go at my own speed and in my own direction.

I’m referring to the ole 9-5 workday. I’m blessed beyond measure to have a full-time job. A good paying, government job. A job where I can use my creative talents as a graphic designer. And allows me the flexibility to telework and to work in a creative and free environment. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to have this job. I’m grateful I’m able to go to work everyday and be creative and make a difference. I’m proud of my work and what we’ve accomplished.

But sometimes, especially after I’ve had a vacation, I find it hard to get back into the daily grind. After a day of freedom, real freedom, to go back to semi-freedom, or perhaps work disguised as freedom? Maybe it’s the February blues. No, I think it’s more likely my night away, spoiling myself with a night at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. Walking around Ottawa for nearly 2 1/2 hours, enjoying a beautiful night taking photos. All of that followed by a leisurely morning of painting, photography and writing, all finished before noon! Now that’s a productive morning!

So, today was a good day, although I felt tired for a good part of it. Feeling kind of like I was coming down with something. Later in the day, the sun came out (first time in several days). It wasn’t long after that I noticed I was feeling better. More energy and more uplifted. Maybe there is something to be said for February blues?

I watched the sunset from my chair in the living room, marveling at how red the sky got. There’s a large Manitoba maple tree just outside the window with branches all over the place. It’s a great place, during the day, to watch the birds and squirrels coming and going. Also a great place to watch the sunset behind all those branches. As I watched the sun go down, and the red fade to lighter hues, I knew I would paint that sunset with the branches in front. And so I did…

watercolour of red sunset with tree branches in front filling the page.
036/365 Painting of the day
05 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

Photo of the day

Shortly after the sun made an appearance, the wild turkeys dropped by. As they walked by, the sun shone on their feathers, highlighting a wide range of beautiful colours.

photo of a wild turkey, the sun shining on it, highlighting the colours of it's feathers, browns, oranges, greens and blues.
Wild turkey in sunlight
05 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

Today was a good day. And will you look at that…I had something to say and the page is no longer blank!



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