Another crazy snowy day. This time I had to go out in it. But for a good reason. I’m staying at the Chateau Laurier in downtown Ottawa tonight. Once a year I like to spend a night at a downtown Ottawa hotel and play tourist, taking night photos. I’ve always wanted to stay at the Chateau and, well, here I am!

The hotel is just lovely. The old charm is still present (check-out the elevators!) but the rooms are modern and spacious. I have a king sized bed with a view of Parliament. WHAT A VIEW! The windows open and I can hear the bells ring from the peace tower.

I have an enjoyable afternoon/evening. I left the hotel sometime around 5 pm, making my way towards the war memorial. From there, I walked over to the National Arts Centre, where I stopped in for a brief break. Afterwards it was on to Mackenzie Street bridge (next to the Rideau centre) for iconic pictures of Parliament, the NAC and the canal. From there, I crossed over to the other side of the bridge to take pictures of the canal and Ottawa city hall (from a distance), then headed back to Elgin street. I stopped on Sparks street for a quick photo then up to Parliament. I was the only one on the hill. First time that’s every happened. I took lots of photos (unfortunately most were unfocused) then headed back to the hotel.

Canadian Parliament buildings at night, Ottawa, Ontario
034/365 Photo of the day
Canadian Parliament building at night
03 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I encountered a few challenges in the two hours I was out walking around the city such as sleet, snow, slush, wet boots (soaking wet!), cold fingers…but I was having so much fun, being in the moment, none of this really bothered me, until the last few minutes.

What does bother me is how difficult of a time I’m having getting night photos that are sharp and in focus. I swear the image looked in focus through the viewfinder, even when I zoomed-in in the playback mode. I’ll figure it out, one of these days. But seriously, if that’s all I have to complain about, then life is pretty good. Out of 200 photos, I probably have 5 great shots and 10 good ones. So not too bad for one night.

The painting was a challenge though. I’m tired from all that walking and really didn’t want to paint, but really didn’t want to miss a day, so I sat down at the desk in my hotel room, tried two different paintings…wasn’t happy with where it was going so started a third and I’m quite happy with it.

watercolor painting, sky, sea and land
034/365 Painting of the day
03 Feb 2019 ©WQuinn

I can barely keep my eyes open. My plan is to get a good night’s sleep and get up before the sun, go out and take some pre-dawn photos – hopefully focused ones 😉

Good night! Oh and “way to go Patriots!!!!”



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