Woke up with a headache this morning and didn't feel like doing much. I went out to feed the birds and was surprised at how windy it was, nearly blew me over! Wind gusts must have been about 80 km. Blowing snow creating whiteout conditions. A real treat trying to photograph! Crazy weather seems to … Continue reading 365…27



A magical, inspiring day of spreading light and joy and connecting with beautiful people at Come Wander Perth. I am blessed. 26/365 photo of the day


The sun was shining this afternoon, so I headed outside for a snowshoe during my lunch break. The wind really picked up while I was out there, and boy, was I glad I had my camera. The snow was blowing off of the garage room, creating whiteout conditions around it. I manged to capture it … Continue reading 365…25


I can see clearly now, the rain is gone... just ran across my mind. It might have something to do with tonight's painting. I went into the office today. My first day in my new space. I'm on a micro-mission with a new team, new digs - a GC Workplace environment. Although I've only been … Continue reading 365…24