Woke up with a headache this morning and didn’t feel like doing much. I went out to feed the birds and was surprised at how windy it was, nearly blew me over! Wind gusts must have been about 80 km. Blowing snow creating whiteout conditions. A real treat trying to photograph!

Crazy weather seems to bring more birds to the feeders. Today we had three blue jays, four evening grosbeaks, twenty something red polls, a few yellow finch, two red squirrels, a dark-eyed junco (snowbird), a mourning dove and a cardinal. Oh ya, several wild turkeys and a black squirrel.

I spent a good part of the afternoon making homemade paper. I’ll have pics of that later on.

Here’s today’s painting of the day:

watercolour painting, landscape: boat on shore with tree. cabin across the river.
Watercolour. 27 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

Today’s picture of the day was a tough one to choose. I got a good one of Mr. Cardinal and a cute one of the mourning dove. I also had a few of the snow squalls. It was tough to decided, yet it wasn’t really.

photograph of male cardinal
027/365 Photo of the Day
Mr. Cardinal
27 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

Mr. Cardinal is a hard guy to get a pic of, so anytime I’m able to get close and a clear shot, then it has to be featured. The colours around the edge of the photo are Christmas window decals on the patio window. We haven’t taken them down yet, as they act as a deterrent for birds who fly into the window. Looks kind of funky in this shot though!


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