The sun was shining this afternoon, so I headed outside for a snowshoe during my lunch break. The wind really picked up while I was out there, and boy, was I glad I had my camera. The snow was blowing off of the garage room, creating whiteout conditions around it. I manged to capture it on camera!

Backyard photograph with snow blowing off of garage in the background. children's play set in foreground.
Sunny winter day, 25 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

I had some time on my hands after work so decided to paint earlier than usual. I also decided to try the tubes of watercolour paint instead of the solids. It was a bit of a challenge as the paint was thick and much different consistency than what I’m used to. I wasn’t thrilled with the way the painting was going, so put it aside and started over. It took a little while to get the feel of the paint and how to thin it out to get the “watercolour” look. I’m still so used to acrylics and had been using the same techniques, until yesterday, when it seems I was finally getting the hang of it. Then I change up the paints! Seems I like a challenge 🙂

landscape watercolour painting with small cottage, mountains, water, trees.
Irish cottage dream
25 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

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