I can see clearly now, the rain is gone… just ran across my mind.

It might have something to do with tonight’s painting. I went into the office today. My first day in my new space. I’m on a micro-mission with a new team, new digs – a GC Workplace environment. Although I’ve only been there one day, I love GC workplace and hope to see more offices take on this space. The space allows for collaborating, freedom to choose where to sit every morning, fun spaces to hang out with your laptop, working, instead of in a cubicle. It’s ideal for a creative person, like myself.

The commute from work was really smooth. No traffic at all – which is a rarity. We stopped for groceries and, by the end of it, were both really drained. So, I can safely say, the last thing on my mind was being creative when I got home.

This has happened a few times since I started with project, where I come home, too tired to be creative. But, the more days I get under me, the more I want to succeed and, even tired and low energy, I manage to convince myself to do it. To commit myself to this project.

Might not sound like a big deal where you’re coming from, but from my perspective, committing to things is something of a challenge for me. For 24 consecutive days, I have painted 24 watercolour paintings, taken 24 photos of the day and written 24 pages. That’s something for me.

Which brings me to tonight’s painting. I sat down at the table with a small watercolour paper, a few brushes and a small jar of water. Dabbing the brush in the water, lightly brushing it against the paper towel to absorb the excess moisture, I dab it against the light blue paint, then brush it onto the paper. I add a touch of water. Without realizing it, I found myself in the zone, just me and the paints, guided by intuition. No fear. No worries. Just creativity at its best. And the result astounds me. I love it! The pastel colours. The simple trees. The simplicity of the painting. Just love it.

watercolour painting landscape sky, mountains and trees.
024/365 Painting of the Day
24 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

I did worry about the photo of the day. It’s late. The sun has been down for hours. I brought my camera (and my paints) to work, but didn’t make time to use either. Does this mean that’s the end of the run? 23 days of photos was all I could muster? Then my Mom pipes up and reminds me not to worry. You’ll find something to photograph. The cats…

We were watching a tv show, but stopped to take a phone call. While she chatted, I decided to get creative. I painted the painting, then noticed my male cat, Dukes, lying on his back. He loves to do this. Lie on his back, legs spread wide and just be. I grabbed my camera, got in nice and close and started shooting. Normally, he runs away when he sees a camera. Tonight, he was curious and allowed the camera into his space. A fun moment and some nice shots captured!

white and grey cat lying on his back looking at the camera
024/365 Picture of the Day
24 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

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