Oh, it’s a bitterly cold January day. The sun is shining bright and it looks so beautiful out, but it’s deceiving! 😉

I chose to forego my lunch-hour walk today so I could paint my “painting of the day”. I have plans after work, which means I’ll be getting home pretty late tonight, and wanted to ensure I had time to paint.

This morning, as I was leaving the house, the sun was just starting to wake up. The sky was beautiful, dark blue high up, slowly gradating to a lighter blue. A sprinkle of yellow, followed by a trace of orange, flowed into a deep red at the horizon. The trees, fences, buildings were silhouetted. Jupiter and Venus were shining so bright – cold temperatures make for crystal clear skies! I was sorely tempted to run back into the house and grab my tripod to capture the moment. But, sometimes moments like these are meant for memories, to be cherished. Let’s not mention that I was already five minutes late for work…

So, when I started my painting, I had that morning vision in my mind’s eye and wanted to try to recreate it, at least the gradating sky and the silhouettes.

It’d didn’t quite end up like that, but happy accidents and all that 😉

watercolour painting of dawn sky, mountains, silhouetted trees
17/365 Painting of the day
Morning sky
17 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

And, for today’s photo of the day, I decided this was appropriate:

watercolour paints, paint brushes, painting, water container
17/365 Photo of the day
A work in progress
17 Jan 2019 ©WQuinn

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