Full moon and sensitive people – a strange combination…


It may sound strange or way out there but moon phases can affect your mood. Just ask emergency room nurses or anyone who serves the public. They will confirm a rise in strange behaviour during a full moon (including a few days preceding and following).

We’ve all heard of that one person who, a local legend perhaps, goes slightly batty during a full moon. Not everyone reacts on that scale but there is a change in your body and if you pay close attention you will notice the differences. If you’re a highly sensitive person such as an empath then the changes may be more dramatic and can be debilitating.

So what can you do to get through a full moon?

  • The first step is knowing the phases of the moon and how you react physically, mentally and emotionally. Get yourself a calendar – preferably one that shows the moon phases – and hang it somewhere where you can clearly see it. Every day record how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being normal and 10 being completely strange and out of whack. Adding comments can be helpful when you’re reviewing the calendar at a later date and help you remember why you rated it the way you did. Also add the moon phase if they’re not already there.
  • For example: Full moon physical:10 (migraine and body aches); mental: 10 (on over drive today); emotional: 10 (moody, crying)
  • Waxing Gibbous: p: 8 (body aches); m: 8 e: 7
  • 1st Quarter: p:1 m: 1 e:1
  • Waxing Cresc: p:1 m:3 e:3 seeking quiet and alone time, quiet and reflective
  • New moon: p:5 (tired) m:3 e:5 (don’t want to be around people)

Once you know how your body responds to the moon and it’s phases it will be easier for you to understand and accept the natural rhythms of nature and allow yourself to withdraw from social activities, to rest, or to get out and kick up your heels. The important thing to note is to LISTEN to your body and do what FEELS right and natural for YOU – and not feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

Check back tomorrow to learn how Halloween can affect highly sensitive people.



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