The best time of the year!


Happy Autumn!

I know I’ve said this many times before but I can’t help it: I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR!!!

I love the cooler weather, especially the nights; and the foggy mornings, the heavy dew on the flowers sparkle as the sun shines on them. The geese gathering on the river in the hundreds, preparing or their migration south.

The colors, the smells, the sounds. So sweet and so grounding.


Have you ever noticed how the fall colors match the lower chakras? The reds (root), oranges (sacral), yellows (solar plexus); and greens (heart). It continually amazes me how in sync we are with nature without even trying to be. I like to sit on the verandah – with my tea and breakfast – and watch the backyard. If there are clouds in the sky, I watch the patterns they make. Squirrels and chipmunks run across the lawn looking for food to hide away for the winter. The birds sing their morning song, calling out to each other. The trees are slowly beginning to change colour. All this happens so naturally, without worry, without drama. It just happens, the ebb and flow of nature.


That same ebb and flow flows through us. It’s natural and it doesn’t require anything from us, expect to show up and be present in life. And when we are present and in tune with nature, that’s when abundance flows freely. It manifests in our physical world as having the midas touch – where everything we touch turns to gold – ideas come easy as do clients and there seems to be no end to our good fortune.

Just as the tide comes in, it must also go out and if you’re in sync with nature then you’re prepared for this quiet and inner time, this time for reflection, studying, preparing for the next phase. If you’re not in sync with nature then you weren’t aware of it’s coming and it becomes a time of worry, of panic, of OMG! What is going on in my world!!!! The flow of abundance has dried up. There are no ideas, clients or money.

How do you get in sync with nature? I’m happy to say it’s as easy as spending time outdoors in nature. Unplug from the physical world for a while and plug in to nature. Go for a walk or hike on a nature trail. Have a picnic lunch in a park. Sit on the grass, ideally at the base of a tree, and watch the clouds go by.

Did you know the best way to reset your inner clock is to spend a couple of nights camping outdoors?


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