Being in the moment in Nova Scotia

river_fav_IMG_2920 Have you ever found yourself driving to your intended destination and so focused on getting there that you’re not aware of what’s happening around you? I found myself doing this the other day. I was so intent on getting “there” – wherever “there” may be – that I wasn’t present in the moment, nor was I enjoying the trip because I was so adamant that I had to arrive “there” by such and such a time. I was trying to find a place I had never been but came highly recommended. I followed directions but soon found myself in the middle of nowhere. I pulled my car to the side of the road, reached for the map and my phone and then very quickly realized that I needed to drop both and tune into my intuition. I needed to trust the path I was on and pay attention to all that was around me. So I did just that; I tuned out and tuned in.

It doesn’t matter what path I take on this journey called life

I realized my destination wasn’t so important, that it really didn’t matter where I ended up this day, that being in the moment and enjoying the moment was what mattered. I put the car back into gear and started once more on my journey to “wherever”. I decided it didn’t matter where I ended up, as long as I was present and enjoying it. And then I had that moment of clarity, that “aha!” moment: It doesn’t matter what path I take on this journey called life. All that matters is that I enjoy each waking moment and just go with the flow. When I stopped worrying about where and how to get to “there” I sat back and followed my guidance – turning right when I felt like it and left when I didn’t. I had nowhere to be and no clocks to follow. I took in the sunlight, the smell of the ocean and sang along to my roadtrip playlist. It was then that I was gifted with some beautiful spots for enjoying and for photographing.

Remember to take time out to enjoy the journey!


P.S.I have more photos from my travels in Nova Scotia on my photo blog:  WJMQPhotography 


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