Following your intuition with a little ASTROLOGY mixed in for good measure.

picture of sunflower painting
Sunflower I painted last summer.

Everything you ever need to know about your life, your purpose, and your next step… you already know.

Trusting it is the hard part. But it doesn’t have to be.

There are some amazing resources* and teachers readily available to help, assist, and guide you on how to access your intuition and, more importantly, to TRUST it.

Now, it can be hard to trust something that isn’t tangible; something that you feel, see in a dream, hear in your mind’s eye or somehow just know. But astrology can help by bringing facts to support your intuition.

I’m not an astrologer, nor do I use or refer to astrology on a regular basis. I’m not the type to read my daily horoscope – although, for a time, I did read a “month at a glance”, but soon realized horoscopes are too general and rarely was I able to relate to them.

However, I do refer to astrology when I’m feeling like I’m loosing my mind and so is everyone around me. I am always comforted by learning that such and such a planet is squared to such and such a planet and there’s an eclipse and so on and so forth. So there’s a reason for the madness around me!

Take the past couple of weeks, for example:

The weeks leading up to today’s solar eclipse, super moon, equinox have, for me, been intense and full of energy shifts and old patterns emerging, coming to the surface to be dealt with so they can be gone for good. I didn’t realize at the time (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?) what was going on, just that something was taking place and I was thrown out of my comfort zone and put into situations that were incredibly frustrating. At one point, this week, I was outside, in the freezing cold night, walking the dog I’m sitting and I looked up into the night sky, at the bright stars and I asked for help, I asked for guidance, I asked for support, but most of all I asked for patience. Help me be patient as I ride this wave because I know what’s happening on the surface is not real; it’s only an illusion – a very convincing illusion, but an illusion nonetheless. I kept reminding myself, over and over, of the things that are real and important in my life, of what really matters.

Then I learned about the super moon/eclipse/equinox mixture happening today. Ignoring the fear-based articles in social media about the effects of this interesting combination, I turned to a more trusted source (Mark Husson over at or his Facebook page:  and learned what this was all about and how I could expect it to affect me and once again I was blown away by how accurate astrology is. Everything I had been feeling was bang on with what I was supposed to be feeling and what I was supposed to be releasing. Thankfully, I came out of the storm unscathed and better for having experienced it.

Another example of intuition being backed up by astrology:

Several weeks ago I had a strong feeling that I needed to clear my schedule for this weekend, allowing me ample time with little to no distractions to get creative. I thought to myself: what a perfect time as my Mom, who is also my roommate, would be out of town, so I’d have the house to myself, no clients, no volunteering gigs, just me, paper, pen, canvas, paint, camera, nature and whatever else my heart desires! So I did. I cleared my schedule and looked forward to my creative stay-cay. When I look back at the past week, I can see that slowly, I began to turn inward, to crave alone time, becoming less social, almost like I was withdrawing into my cocoon, soon to connect with my higher power and unleash my creative self.I realized, upon waking Thursday morning, we were coming into a new moon. That would explain my need to be alone. When the moon wanes, I often crave quiet, alone time.

I asked a colleague – who is passionate about astrology – for her take on the super moon, equinox, and eclipse. We chatted at length about how the planets affect our moods and change the energy around us and then she happened to mention Mars is in Pisces but will soon be transiting to Aries. We looked at our charts to see which house this would fall in and, another incredible astrologic moment – Mars is currently in my fifth house which explains the urge I have to complete my creative projects and get it all wrapped up this weekend before Mars transits to Aries and my sixth house on March 23.  It explains to me how the intuitive feeling I had several weeks ago to carve out creative time is bang on.

Astrologically speaking, I’ve spent the last several days purging, releasing, letting go and accepting (solar eclipse, super moon, equinox). I’ve followed my inner guidance which said – clear time in your schedule and then the waning moon put me in the mood to isolate myself for a few days. Mars is pushing my buttons to complete these creative projects in PIsces so, when it moves to Aries, it can take my creations to another level – selling them, creating new business opportunities…

What I love about astrology – even though I don’t know it well but can rely on the guidance of astrologers to explain it to me – is how it makes sense of the chaos and extreme energies we may be experiencing and gives it a voice; it makes the “what the heck is going on out there” moments easier to understand and accept; and provides proof that what my gut is telling me is bang on and to trust it.

Now I take my leave to go within and create. I’ll see you on the other side (the moon will be waxing) in a few days.

Blessings be,

~ Wanda

*My favourite resource is Pam Grout’s E-Squared. In my opinion the BEST Law of Attraction book on the market today. I love it because it’s simple, to the point and best of all, gives you exercises to try so you can test the theories yourself and record your results. After putting the theory to the test and seeing the results first hand, you can’t help but be pumped and full of excitement that the universe really is abundant and you really can access it…


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