Be an Extra Special Someone in the Life of a Child or a Senior – Day 28 of 30 Days of Happiness.

A sunny day on year's longest night. ©WandaQuinn 2014
A sunny day on year’s longest night. ©WandaQuinn 2014

Kids can teach us so much about life if we just allow ourselves to let go for a moment and really “be” with them. They will remind us that life is meant to be fun and it’s OK for us to get down and act a little crazy every now and then. They may also remind you that – once in a while – It’s OK to eat dessert before the main course.

Unfortunately there are children in our community who don’t have parents who care for them, or they don’t have that extra special someone who thinks the sun rises and sets on them. Every child should have that extra special someone in his or her life. Can you be that someone for them? If you think you can then look at spending time with a child in your community by volunteering with your local Boys and Girls club.

We can also learn much from the seniors in our community. The stories they can tell; the history they have witnessed; the lessons they’ve learned and would like to share with others; all this and so much more. I find it very peaceful, enjoyable and enlightening to spend time with seniors. They remind me so much of children in that they have that same joy radiating within and they have a wise-ness about them and most are willing to share this with you, if you’re a good listener and are open to receiving this beautiful gift. If you feel you can spare a few hours once a week to visit with a senior in your community then consider volunteering with your local seniors retirement centre.

The gift of your time, your presence and your love to the children and seniors in your community will be returned to you a hundred fold.


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