Spend time with an animal – Day 27 of 30 Days of Happiness

photo of goats from constance creek wildlife refugeThere is just something SPECIAL about animals. The love we feel from them is real. Even if they’ve been abused and put through hell, they are willing to trust again and love us unconditionally.

I have learned about horses who have been cruelly abused but with the love and patience shown by a trainer in a round pen, these beautiful and amazing creatures have been able to forgive, let go, trust and love again within a couple of hours. AMAZING! The same goes for dogs who have been cruelly abused. Within minutes of feeling compassion and empathy from a human, the tail begins to wag and they lick the human. It’s almost as if they are hardwired to love and trust.

I believe animals’ purpose on earth is to heal humans by loving us. During “IET for Pets” training I learned that horses have the heart space equivalent to that of the ascended masters (Jesus, Kuthumi, Budda and so on). No other species on earth has a heart space that large. Although I feel dolphins fall into this category too as they have a very similar energy and healing capability as horses.

photo of horses in field
©WandaQuinn 2014

Having spent a lot of time with horses observing and interacting with them and witnessing how they interact with other humans, I can say with certainty that they can indeed heal people. They mirror us; our emotions, our thoughts and our beliefs and they force us to be congruent, to be true to our selves. I have witnessed a client saying what she thought I wanted to hear but was incongruent with her inner self and watched in amazement as the horse, picking up on this, walked away from her.

The unconditional love and loyalty of an animal is unmatched. There is nothing more rewarding than having a faithful, loving animal waiting at the door for you, beyond excited for your arrival! Just as there’s nothing more stress-releasing than petting an animal and listening to that contented purr.

If you get the chance over the holidays to visit an animal sanctuary, I highly recommend it and I encourage you to get up close and personal with the animals and allow yourself to just be, to allow your feelings to come to the surface and spill out. Don’t be surprised if tears flow freely down your cheeks. Hang out with the horses, goats, sheep and whatever else may be there and soak up the love.

Warning: After spending as little as an hour on a farm with animals, you can expect to feel amazing, recharged, light, and full of love!


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