Broaden your Horizons – Day 26 of 30 Days of Happiness

A local fisherman on the pier Kailua Kona, hi
A local fisherman on the pier – Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Nov 2008. ©WandaQuinn

BROADEN your horizons, meet new people, and learn something new by signing up for a class or workshop at your local community centre or school board.

Ní Oideachas ullmhú don saol, is é oideachas an saol féin. John Dewey

BUT, sign up for something that interests you, NOT something you feel you should be learning. Make it FUN and you’re more apt to stick to it and enjoy it, thus having fun and igniting your happy button.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Italian or how to cook Thai food? Or, better yet, how about intuitive classes like intuitive painting or intuitive dancing?

L’educazione è l’arma più potente che si può usare per cambiare il mondo. Nelson Mandela

I love teaching intuitive classes because you don’t require PREVIOUS experience or knowledge to participate. You just need a willingness to tap in to your inner self and allow the creative forces to flow through your brush (or your body if you’re dancing).

So, over the holidays, why not browse the general interest courses being offered in your neck of the woods and sign up for one. There are classes for all ages, all experiences and all budgets.

NOTE: The two quotes above were translated using Google Translate so don’t shoot the messenger if they’re not grammatically correct because I haven’t signed up for Irish or Italian classes yet.


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