Spoil YOU Day! Day 22 of 30 Days of Happiness

steam vent hawaii
I’m standing beside a mile deep volcano steam vent in Hawaii, Nov 2008. Photo Credit: ©June Quinn

Take time out today to SPOIL you with a special dinner, maybe a movie, a night with your favourite book, a hot luxurious bath, or treat yourself to a day at the spa! It doesn’t matter what you do, just make it a HABIT to schedule in “you” time.

It’s IMPORTANT to take care of yourself on a regular basis. During a spiritual counselling session, when my angels show me an airplane taking off, I know they want me to talk about self-care. They taught me this analogy during a difficult session when their guidance and love were falling on the deaf ears of our client. The guidance I was giving her was for self-care and the more I shared about taking care of herself and finding things to do that made her happy, the more she shut down. I was getting frustrated but knew there was a reason she came to me so I asked my angels for help in getting their message through in a way the client could RELATE to. They showed me an airplane and oxygen masks falling from the ceiling of the plane, a woman sitting with a small child, putting her mask on first, and then helping her child. When I shared this message with her, she burst into tears because it really resonated with her. THANK YOU angels!

With this analogy, God is telling us that when we take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then we are in the PERFECT place to help others. BUT, when we put our needs aside to help others, we are not as effective at helping them.

Now, I’m not recommending you be selfish and make everything about you! What I’m saying is to set healthy boundaries and make sure you plan me-time in your busy schedule to tend to your earthly and Heavenly needs as well as the needs of your family and friends. It’s all about BALANCE.

Remember: you’re IMPORTANT to those around you so make sure to take care of you!


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