Tell me how you really feel! – Day 17 of 30 Days of Happiness

photograph of angel cloud in sky
What do you see in the sky? ©WandaQuinn2014

EXPRESS your true feelings. You may assume people know how you FEEL about them, about situations, about life but chances are they don’t. On the off chance they do, it’s still nice to hear someone tell you how much you mean to them, or how NICE you think they look or how special they made you feel the other day when…

The key here, though, is to be completely TRUTHFUL. Don’t make something up or say something NICE just for the sake of saying something nice. People can RECOGNIZE fake niceness and fake compliments. Be real. If you see a co-worker looking AMAZING in their new suit, let them know. “You look GREAT today!” If someone said something that TOUCHED you, share that piece of information with him or her: “That talk you gave at church the other day really RESONATED with me!”

The SAME goes for situations that you feel uncomfortable in. It can be hard to STAND-UP and be heard, especially when we’re talking about our feelings. I recall a colleague who used to refer to me by a name – other than my own. He thought he was being CUTE but I was embarrassed because I felt the name was derogatory. I used to cringe when he walked through our office and would do anything to avoid him. This habit had created an UNPLEASANT work environment, but one I could do something about. So, one day I spotted him in the conference room, alone. I approached him and told him how his “cute name” actually made me feel. He had no idea, was completely CLUELESS and was very apologetic and promised to stop immediately.

People aren’t mind readers. They don’t know what’s going on INSIDE of you unless you tell them. Make sure, though, when you do share your feelings that you do so in a loving, non-threatening way. Don’t point fingers and accuse the other person for making you feel the way you do. Instead, take a step back from the situation, call on your angels and spirit team – I often call on Jesus to give me the words because he can put things so eloquently and it comes from a place of love – then share from your heart.

So, open up, be true to you and tell people how you really feel!


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