Unplug : Day 15 of 30 days of Happiness

ottawa river at sunset
Take a walk in nature.
Ottawa river taken from the War Museum. October 2012. ©WandaQuinn

One of the most COMMON heard complaints in the world today is: I don’t have time!

If you’re one of those people then what I’m about to write below will GIVE YOU that RARE and most PRECIOUS gift of more time.

Are you ready for it?

Here it comes…


That’s right. You read it correctly, UNPLUG. Unplug from electronics, from gadgets, from time wasters and time fillers. Instead, PLUG in to your life, to your surroundings, to your loved ones.


Easy. Turn off the TV, put away the phones and the tablets.

Now what?

Play! Do the things you’ve been complaining you have no time to do. Dance, paint, write, sing, go for a walk, go skiing, play a game with your family, cook dinner, bake some cookies from scratch…

You will be amazed at how different your life will be…

If this sounds like a daunting task then try it for a week and see how it goes. I bet you will be amazed at how different your life will be, at how much time you suddenly have on your hands. You may also notice that you sleep better and maybe even feel less stressed.

In addition to UNPLUGGING, might I suggest: No TVs, computers, phones, and electronic gadgets of any kind in your bedroom. If you’re a sensitive person, the EMFs radiating from these devices, not to mention wireless signals, could hamper with your sleep.

Set aside time every night that is gadget-free.

Now I’m not suggesting you unplug completely. What I’m saying is this: set aside time every night that is gadget-free. Maybe you can turn off your device at 6 pm and turn it on again the next morning? Do what is comfortable for you but keep in mind that the more time you have with your loved ones, engaged in one-on-one activities, the happier you’ll feel in the long run!


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