Get Creative – Day 13 of 30 Days of Happiness

The most common piece of advice my clients have received from their spirit team, in the six years I’ve been doing spiritual counseling and guidance sessions has been this: get creative!

Left-brained is where most people live their lives, in their heads, thinking and worrying…

We are continually reminded to spend as much time as we can, each and every day, doing right-brained activities. Why right-brained activities? Because that’s when and where we connect to all that is. You see, when you’re being creative, you move out of your normal “left-brained” way of being. Left-brained is where most people live their lives, in their heads, thinking/worrying about paying bills, planning their next move, analyzing, it’s all about being in the head, and the past and future. It’s exhausting.

Being creative forces your to spend time in your right brain where creative solutions, ideas, and inspiration come to you so naturally. Being creative allows you to be in the moment, where you’re not worrying about past or future events or paying your bills. Instead you’re focused on the here and now. You’re doing something FUN, something INSPIRING and you’re allowing yourself to connect to your higher power to recharge your light.

 The ZONE…a magical place where athletes and artists alike describe as being in the flow, being in tune where everything just comes and seems effortless…

When you allow yourself to be creative by participating in creative outlets which can be anything from intuitive dancing, painting, writing, to woodworking or baking. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just that you’re doing something that allows you to be completely present in the moment with your mind turned off. It’s during these creative pursuits that you may find yourself in the ZONE. The Zone is an experience you feel where you’re in the moment, you’re connected to spirit, and you’re in tune with the universe and all that is around you. It is a magical place where athletes and artists alike describe as being in the flow, being in tune where everything just comes and seems effortless, almost like being in slow motion. Writers would describe it as thoughts and ideas come faster than they can type, painters go to a place where nothing exists but the canvas before them and the brush in their hand. As an intuitive, it’s the place where spirit speaks through you, images and video clips appear in my mind and words fly out of my mouth bypassing my thought centre and just pour out of me. It feels like being in a tunnel, nothing else matters but what is in front of me.

I’ve experienced this magic place when I’ve been painting. One such painting, I started out being very conscious of what I was doing, carefully choosing colours and then something changed. I instinctively reached for colours I wouldn’t normally use. I was using brush strokes unfamiliar to me. I was blending in a way I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before. Nothing mattered to me but what was in front of me. I tuned out everything around me except the canvas. Time passed, I don’t know how long, maybe thirty minutes maybe less. I took a step back from the canvas and marveled at the scene before me. What started out as just colours on a canvas turned into a beautiful beach scene that, to this day, I still can’t believe came from me. It’s unlike any painting I’ve ever painted before and I’ve been painting since I was nine years old.

picture of a painting of sky, ocean, beach
This painting is the result of being “in the zone”. ©WandaQuinn2014

So, how do you get into that amazing place called “the Zone”? Well, it takes practice, dedication, early morning rituals – no, I’m pulling your leg. To get into the Zone all you need to do is… do something creative and do it regularly. I highly recommend checking out “The Artists Way” by Julie Cameron. You don’t need to be an artist to follow the program – it’s for anyone. By setting aside time, every day, to do something creative – writing, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, yoga, painting, photography, cooking – it doesn’t matter what, just do something and give spirit and inner-you a chance to come through and speak loud and clear.

I promise you, when you allow yourself quality alone time, doing something creative, something right-brained, and you quiet your mind, you are opening up the channel for solutions and answers to come to you.


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