Everyday, Ordinary Miracles – Day 11 of 30 Day of Happiness

picture of rainbow over peace tower, ottawa, on
Rainbow over the Peace Tower. Ottawa, ON. September 2014. ©WandaQuinn

Too often we get caught up in the bustle of our daily lives and we loose sight of the world around us. We become disconnected and all that we seem to be aware of is the happenings of our inner circle – and even then our mind is so busy compiling lists of things we need to do, things we should’ve done and “does this skirt make me look fat? What should I make for supper? I wonder if…” that we miss the miracle of life unfolding before our very own eyes, every second of every day.

What constitutes a miracle? 

For many it’s the answer to a prayer, only given to those who are worthy and it’s usually something big like a miraculous healing or perhaps changing water into wine, healing the sick and raising the dead. Sound familiar?

Take in the size of the bumblebee’s body, and then notice the size of its wings. The fact they can even get airborne is a miracle in itself.

The truth is miracles come in all shapes and sizes, big and small and that we are all worthy of a miracle. Have you every watched a bumblebee fly? Just think about it for a moment. Take in the size of the bumblebee’s body, and then notice the size of its wings. The fact they can even get airborne is a miracle in itself.

Everyday, ordinary miracles are the little things we take for granted every day. Things like the sun rising and setting, the birds flying to and fro, trees budding, flowers blooming, seeds growing, soft falling rain, beautiful white snowflakes, and my favourite, rainbows!

Miracles are unfolding around us every second of every day. All you have to do to witness them is be present in the moment and pay attention to what is going on around you. That’s it. And once you begin noticing those miracles, you will begin seeing more and more.

Ask your angels to show you a miracle today and then be open to receiving it and look everywhere for it. It may come in the form of a rainbow – just for you; or a great parking spot in an otherwise full lot; a penny or a dime where one wasn’t before; a feather; your favorite song is playing on the radio just as you turn it on…

Look for your miracle today  and when you witness it make sure to leave us a comment so we can share in the joy of your miracle!

I’d like to leave you today with a blog post I wrote many years ago about this very topic – everyday miracles. Enjoy and I look forward to reading about your miracles!

 Everyday Miracles

This morning I woke up with the memory of a miracle that moved me so deeply and really changed the way I see and interact with the other world. After remembering this miracle with fondness, I recalled another miracle, then another and another and soon my heart was so open and full of light that I knew I must share these ordinary everyday miracles with others in the hopes they will touch and open your heart to the love and light surrounding you and to help you remember the seemingly ordinary everyday miracles in your life.

You see, the more you recall the miracles, the more you acknowledge them, the more will come to you. This process is very much like gratitude. The more you are grateful for you in your life, the more things come to you to be grateful for…

PIcture of silver ring of two dolphins
My famous dolphin ring that disappeared in an Ottawa hotel room and reappeared in my jewelry box the same day.

The first miracle I want to share is a about a dolphin ring. During a very cold Canadian winter, I was invited to spend a long weekend with family in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This being my very first vacation to a warmer climate, I was very excited and could barely contain it; to get on a plane in – 20 Celsius weather and get off in + 20 Celsius weather was unfathomable to me but soon to be my reality.

I enjoyed four incredible days of sunshine, sand, ocean, warm weather and dolphin sightings. To commemorate my visit, I purchased a souvenir: a silver dolphin ring. It was an inexpensive ring which was a little too snug on my finger but it reminded me of a wonderful time I had in Florida with my family and I wore it regularly.

Months later during a weekend getaway with my sister, I was dressing for a formal dinner and decided to change rings. The dolphin ring was quite snug on my ring finger and took many minutes of twisting, turning and tugging to eventually come off. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I put the dolphin ring down, placed the other ring on my finger and continued with getting ready for dinner.

We enjoyed a succulent dinner then retreated to a piano bar where we listened to music, chatted, laughed, drank and sang until the wee hours of the morning; after which we laughingly staggered back to our room. I barely had time to change before dropping onto the bed and falling into a deep slumber.

The next morning, while packing, I realized my dolphin ring was missing. I tried to recall where I put it when it finally slipped off my finger, but remembered I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, that my mind was elsewhere. My sister and I searched all over the room to no avail. I asked my angels, faeries, the dolphins and any saints who were good at finding things for help with finding my ring but still didn’t find it. Check-out time was upon us and, disappointed, I left the room without my ring. I mentioned losing my ring to the check-out clerk – who happened to be the manager of guest services. He insisted I wait while the head of housekeeping searched my room. I was somewhat taken aback and slightly embarrassed by all the attention this inexpensive ring was getting and assured the manager it wasn’t necessary but my pleas fell on deaf ears. While I waited in the lobby, I silently prayed the ring would turn up, that they would find my “dolphin”. Moments later, the head of housekeeping regretfully approached me, advising she didn’t find my ring, but she did find a dolphin blanket. I turned to my sister, whose eyes grew big and wide… the blanket was hers and she could not believe she had left it behind. Later, in the car, we joked about how the angels answered my prayer and found the “dolphin”. Perhaps I need to be more specific next time.

I arrived home a few hours later and began unpacking. I had this very strong urge to put my jewelry away in the jewelry box on my dresser. I tried to ignore the urge, but it was getting stronger. My jewelry box was on top of my dresser buried under a pile of papers. I removed the papers, found the box and opened it. As I was dropping earrings into the box, I saw a tiny glint of silver under some gold chains. It looked like a band of some sort. I don’t own any silver bands or rings, except for the silver dolphin ring which is lost… or is it?

I moved the chains aside, picked up the silver object and stared in disbelief at what I was holding in my fingers… my dolphin ring!

I was stunned beyond words. When my wits returned all I could do was shake my head in disbelief. No way, it’s just not possible. This ring was with me at the hotel; I worked really, really hard to get it off my finger Saturday night. There is no way I left it behind; unbelievable. It’s a miracle!


P.S. Sarah McLachlan sings a beautiful song from the movie Charlotte’s Web called Ordinary Miracle. You can view it on YouTube here.


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