Acts of Kindness – Day 10 of 30 Days of Happiness

photo of monarch butterfly on a pink flower
Monarch butterfly in my butterfly garden. Summer 2014. ©WandaQuinn

A sure fire way to increase your level of happiness is to show kindness.

Wayne Rostad sang it best in his song Highway 11: “Smile at a stranger, go visit a neighbour and love everybody ’cause they all love you.”

Your kind gesture doesn’t have to be magnanimous and for all to see. Often times the best kind gestures are those that are small and unseen to all but the recipient. Holding the door for someone. Giving up your perfect parking spot to someone else. Letting someone in line before you (shopping or in traffic). Maybe you can pay for the food/drink order for the person behind you in line at your favourite coffee/tea shop?

My all-time favourite is smiling. Smiling a real smile – you know the one that comes from your heart, is filled with love and warmth and shows through your eyes – to a complete stranger. I love to watch the reactions on faces; for some it’s surprise; others reciprocate immediately; then there’s the curious, why are you smiling at me; and the “OMG, What the….” eye contact is lost as the head goes down and you’re completely ignored.

If you can, try to do something nice for someone today and smile at everyone you meet and then let me know how it goes!


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