Don’t Worry… Be Happy! Day 6 of 30 Days of Happiness

image of Catskill mountains, new york with Don't worry text

Don’t worry… Be Happy. Such a catchy phrase (and song), and – it’s soooo true!

The only thing worrying accomplishes is to bring you down. Seriously, look back at all the times you worried over something, whether it was financial, health, and employment, what was the outcome and did worrying help? (If it did, I want to hear about it so drop me a line and let’s chat.)

I read a quote somewhere that pretty much sums up my feelings on worry:

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.

In my day one – fail-safes blog post, I talk about “think positive thoughts and positive energy comes to you”. The same holds true for negative thoughts – of which worry is – attracting negative energy. I know it may seem like we’re pre-wired to worry, that it’s ingrained in our DNA but believe me when I say the opposite is true. We’re beings of love and light and our true nature is to be positive and see only love.

It’s not your job to worry so give any – and all – worries to God, your angels and your spirit team

I’m not sure at what point we gave up on God (or whomever or whatever your higher power is called) and giving our problems and worries to him. It’s not your job to worry and figure things out… It’s his and he does a much better job than you or I ever will. And, have you ever noticed that, somehow, someway, things always have a way of turning out OK. Maybe not the way you wanted it to work out but it still worked out for the best?

Don’t worry! It’s not your job to worry so give any – and all – worries to God, your angels and your spirit team and sing along to Bobby McFerrin:

♫ ♪ Don’t Worry… ♫ ♪ Be Happy… When you worry your face will frown, that will bring everybody down…♫ ♪


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