30 days of Happiness starts now

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Can you tell me if I’ll ever be happy?

Of all the questions I’ve been asked this was definitely not one I expected, especially from someone who, on the outside appeared to have everything. Just goes to show you that outward appearances are not always as they appear. Inside she was a troubled young woman who hated her life and was desperate enough to pay a psychic to tell her that she would be happy in her future.

What is so wonderful about this story is that the message that happiness is a choice is a great reminder for people of all ages.

Several years ago I wrote a children’s book about happiness. “Sam Get’s Happy!” is a story about six year old Sam who is going through life with a black cloud following him. He gets so frustrated with all the bad things happening in his life that he calls out for help, which comes flying in on the wings of his guardian angel, Bruno. Bruno teaches young Sam that he has the choice to be happy, to see the flowers, hear the birds sing and feel the warm sun kiss his cheek or he can shut it all out and dwell on the gloom and doom. Sam decided to be happy and with Bruno’s help, learns to be grateful for the little things in life such as his bed, blankets, trees and birds and to “sing his way to happiness!” What is so wonderful about this story is that the message that happiness is a choice is a great reminder for people of all ages.

It’s your – and only your – choice to be happy

Did you know that for every moment, every circumstance, every event that happens in your life, you have the choice to judge it as bad or good, to allow it to bring you down or lift you up. It is your choice – and only your choice – to be happy.

I often hear clients say they will be happy once they loose weight or get that promotion. Have you ever thought that way? That you’ll be happy once all your debt is paid off or that you’ll be happy when you win the lottery or when you retire? Or my all time favourite – I’ll be happy when I get an iPad or an iPhone. Yes! All my troubles will cease and I will live in that bubble of happiness, once, and only once, this happens to me.

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who figured out after purchasing only one gadget that the expensive toys don’t really bring you happiness, at least not long term. As for that young woman who wanted to know if one day she would be happy, well, it doesn’t work that way. You don’t just wake up one day to find yourself happy, especially if you haven’t changed anything. It takes work. I told her in order for her to be happy in the future, she needs to choose to be happy now.

Choosing to be happy and to see the good in situations can take some getting used to, especially if you’re prone to being a negative nilly. It takes practice and, much like starting a new diet or exercise program, it takes time to adjust to your new way of being and thinking.

They say it takes thirty days for new habits to form so, over the next thirty days I will be offering simple and useful suggestions, tips, and tools to encourage, inspire and nudge you to choose happiness every day.

I hope you join me on this 30-day journey to happiness and share your progress with us in the comments sections below, on Facebook or Twitter.




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